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Operation Guidance for Remainder of the School Year

Posted Date: 04/12/2021

Operation Guidance for Remainder of the School Year

April 12, 2021

Current Guidance:

The Jessieville School District will continue to follow the Arkansas Department of Health and Arkansas Department of Education guidance related to COVID-19 for the remainder of the school year and will keep the current measures and protocols in place. These measures and protocols have allowed for successful in-person learning to occur in the Jessieville School District to this point. Measures that will continue to be followed include social distancing, mask wearing, disinfecting and cleaning, handwashing, and physical distancing to the extent practical. Here is a link to the ADH Guidance for your reference.


Because of the changes to Close Contact Identification guidelines, the Jessieville School District will continue to require the use and proper wearing of masks for adults and students grades 4 and above while in classrooms, cafeteria, hallways, transitions, and outside if more than 6’ of distance cannot be maintained. All students will be required to wear a mask on the bus. Under the new Close Contact Identification guidelines, when K-12 districts require the wearing of face masks and an individual is diagnosed with COVID-19 if that person and all others exposed to the positive case were wearing masks correctly at the time of exposure, the exposed individual(s) will not have to quarantine.

Physical Distancing:

The Jessieville School District will continue to practice social distancing of six (6) feet between students and adults to the extent practical in classrooms, cafeteria, hallways, etc. Social distancing will be observed as much as feasibly possible but at times students will be closer than the recommended 6’. The cafeteria setup, lunch schedules, and lunch locations will continue for the remainder of the year.

Responding to Confirmed Positive Cases:

The procedure in the event of a positive case of Covid-19 within our district will continue as follows. The district has a Point of Contact that should be notified when a student or staff member has tested positive for Covid-19 or is being tested for Covid-19.  Sandy Davis is the point of contact for the Jessieville School District.  If a student or staff member tests positive or is awaiting the results of a test, contact Sandy Davis at 501-226-7046 between the hours of 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. any day of the week (including weekends).  

The Jessieville School District will follow the latest CDC/ADH guidance related to identification of close contacts/quarantines. 

  • Individuals who are identified as close contacts to someone who tests positive for COVID-19 will NOT be required to quarantine if both the confirmed positive and exposed individuals are properly masked at the time of exposure as long as the close contact exposed individual stays symptom-free.

  • A fully vaccinated individual does not need to stay at home following close contact exposure to a test-confirmed individual if the following conditions are true:

    • The exposed individual is fully vaccinated (at least two weeks have passed since receiving the second does of a two-dose vaccine or the first does of a single-dose vaccine), AND

    • The individual has not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms following the close contact exposure to a test-confirmed individual.

  • Individuals who previously have had COVID-19 and recovered and are within 3 months of their original diagnosis will not have to quarantine following the close contact exposure to a test-confirmed individual.

Continuation of Services:

The Jessieville School District Ready For Learning Plan contains the details on how in-person learning will continue.

Summer and Back-to-School Planning:  

Jessieville Summer Camp will be held in July. The Ready for Learning Plan for summer school and Back-to-School 2021-2022 will be updated based on the latest ADH and Arkansas Department of Education guidance, COVID-19 numbers in the community, and parent/community feedback on this document. 

The JSD Ready For Learning Committee will meet again on June 3, 2021, to review the feedback, guidance, and data and plan for summer school. The committee will continue to meet throughout the month of July 2021 to plan for back-to-school in August.

JSD Letter regarding 2021-2022 virtual learning

JSD families and community members are encouraged to complete this SURVEY to provide feedback on this plan for finishing the school year.